Port Moody Evergreen Station Art

This public art project for the Translink Evergreen Line was completed by Watershed Moment for the Port Moody Arts and Culture Committee.

The art depicts the life of the salmon from egg to smolt … the exodus of juvenile salmon to the ocean … then the adults’ return to the river years later to spawn and die – renewing the cycle of life. We leave home – to return again.

– Soren Henrich – Artist’s Statement

The challenge was to make the design as simple as possible for ease of fabrication, final assembly and installation. The design is limited to six colours; yet it displays a variety of large and small shapes with layers, depth, dynamic line and juxtaposition of form.

Square One Paving performed the installation and negotiated the material fabrication with HUB Surface Systems.

Contact Watershed Moment for public art project design.

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  1. Soren your art piece “Coming and Going” is amazing! The design certainly conveys the cycle of life concept in wonderful vibrant colours. How nice that it is in a place that many people will enjoy it.

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