Colony Farm Interpretive Sign

Relationship, Scale and Design Considerations

This interpretive sign design illustrates the pre-colonial and industrial history of the dam and a remarkable return of salmon to the Coquitlam River. Red is used as photo caption background colour, is an appropriate highlight colour selected from the photo of the spawning salmon and stands out in contrast on series bullets against the cool gray-blue background. The diagram on the right depicts a series of events described in the red bulleted text call-outs. The perspective view of the diagram offers a distant past and near present highlight, with transparent blue arrows indicating the past departure and present return of salmon. Continue reading “Colony Farm Interpretive Sign”

Wolf and Caribou Seral Community Infographic

We were faced with the challenge of explaining the complex interplay of natural and human-related factors currently driving the decline of woodland caribou populations. Previous attempts at illustrating these relationships were either overly complex, not visually engaging, or both.

We worked with Soren to create a compelling, accessible graphic that accurately represented current science and also resonated with a broad audience. Soren’s ability to turn our words and thoughts into a graphic that captured the essence of a complex system was impressive.

We have published the illustration in various reports and have shared it widely with others who instantly recognized its utility. We expect it to be used for many years in various media by different groups to inform and educate their audiences and stakeholders.

I would turn to Soren for future projects and have recommended him to others who have faced similar challenges.

Steven F. Wilson Ph.D., R.P.Bio

Soren developed an illustrated diagram for the BC Boreal Caribou Research and Effectiveness Monitoring Board (REMB) with Arifin Graham at Alaris Design in Victoria. The REMB was established in 2011 to support the BC government’s implementation plan for the ongoing management of boreal caribou. Continue reading “Wolf and Caribou Seral Community Infographic”

Royal BC Museum Climate Change Exhibit Infographics


Weather is how we experience climate change

The understanding of the  relationship of weather to climate requires a shift in perception of scale – from personal to planetary. How do you sympathetically introduce the museum visitor to the facts of climate change? The relationship of weather to the person is shown by illustrations of an umbrella and raincoat – two common recognizable items that protect any body from the weather. The empty hood is both unsettling and intriguing. These illustrations are black pencil renderings, scanned, with colour layers and clipping paths added in Photoshop for placing onto a solid background. The attention to the hand-drawn detail of these mundane objects invites passing scrutiny from the viewer. Sometimes you really need a hand-drawn touch to achieve this. Continue reading “Royal BC Museum Climate Change Exhibit Infographics”