Watershed Protection Plan for Comox

Watershed Moment Communication provided document planning and design for Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting and the Comox Regional District for the Comox Lake Watershed Protection Plan. The document has extensive hyperlinked page navigation, table of contents, linked endnotes and cross-references in tables – putting the capabilities of Adobe InDesign through its paces. The WordsFlow plugin was used to manage client changes.

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‘Coming and Going’ – Watershed Moment Public Artwork

Port Moody Evergreen Station Art

This public art project for the Translink Evergreen Line was completed by Watershed Moment for the Port Moody Arts and Culture Committee.

The art depicts the life of the salmon from egg to smolt … the exodus of juvenile salmon to the ocean … then the adults’ return to the river years later to spawn and die – renewing the cycle of life. We leave home – to return again.

– Soren Henrich – Artist’s Statement

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Gower Design Group brochure

This print project is selected as a Watershed Moment Case Study for an example of professional client/contractor relations and procurement process. Gower Design Group came to Watershed Moment Communication for a brochure to advertise their sustainable home design services. Designer, John Gower, already knew the value of a written business strategy document and was able to provide this to guide the brochure design work. A short conversation determined the agreed value and cost of the brochure to fit the budget. An emailed proposal from Watershed Moment was approved as a start work order.

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