Oaklands Walking Tour Signs

Watershed Moment Communication redesigned a series of five walking tour signs for the Oaklands Community Association and consulted with neighbours to update the text and image content. Coast Salish artist, Andrea Fritz, provided sketches and colouring guides for her illustrations and left edge motif, which were made into vector art by Watershed Moment. Care was given to make the tour map easy to read. A consistent layout and type styling brings all five signs together as a distinctive set.

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Bowker Creek Watershed Model

Watershed Moment Communication was contracted by the CRD Bowker Creek Initiative to design and make an interactive watershed model for display at public events to show concepts for urban watershed renewal. The model is waterproof so that water may be sprayed onto the model, showing how rainwater collects in the watershed, washes pollution down the creek, through culverts and into the ocean. The model also shows stormwater management facilities that can reduce flooding and erosion, rain gardens that can slowly release rainwater into the ground and keep pollution out of Bowker Creek. A port hole allows water to drain from the model into a bucket during presentations and easy clean-up afterwards. Care and attention was given to the design and fabrication of the material joints so water will not ruin the model.

The watershed model needed to be light enough for one or two people to carry and fit into a compact vehicle for transportation. Cut-out handles were added for carrying. A plywood lid held in place with straps protects the model during transport.

The model terrain is hand-shaped out of polystyrene, sealed in fibreglass and fitted into a waterproof plywood case for protection. Model details include removable pieces to reveal rain-garden and storm-water management facility locations in future city development. Clear blue epoxy resin shows the creek course running through culverted sections to the ocean, where painted salmon may be seen returning to the creek to spawn in anticipation of the success of the Friends of Bowker Creek – Chum Salmon Recovery Project. Watershed boundary, parks and streets are painted in waterproof acrylics and labelled for identification. Hand-made model buildings and trees are added for visual interest and to help identify locations in the watershed.

Watershed Moment Communication was contracted to write a script with instructions for how to present and care for the model. The script is kept in a 5-gallons bucket with everything needed to give a demonstration of the model.

Bowker Creek Watershed Model

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Watershed Protection Plan for Comox

Watershed Moment Communication provided document planning and design for Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting and the Comox Regional District for the Comox Lake Watershed Protection Plan. The document has extensive hyperlinked page navigation, table of contents, linked endnotes and cross-references in tables – putting the capabilities of Adobe InDesign through its paces. The WordsFlow plugin was used to manage client changes.

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