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Gower Design Group brochure

Gower Design Group, came to Watershed Moment Communications for a brochure to advertise their sustainable home design services. Principal, John Gower, already knew the value of a written business strategy document, and was able to provide this to guide the brochure design work. Initial conversations by phone determined the value and cost of the brochure that fit the budget.

Supplied Content

Watershed Moment supplied draft brochure copy for client review, based on the business strategy document. Gower Design Group supplied a company logo and logotype, with a smart business slogan – ‘Small footprint homes that live large,’ professional photo images and graphics with secured reproduction rights. This supplied content allowed Watershed Moment to do its star turn on the design and keep costs within budget – costs that would otherwise have to be covered, but in this case were already paid for by the client.

Watershed Moment suggested graphic elements from the existing business website be used in the brochure for consistency and a visual link to the website and business brand. Further, Watershed Moment recommended customers’ testimonials be used to show the proven value of the Gower Design Group – to communicate their unique position in the home design market.

Design Considerations

Gower Design Group brochure
Thought is given to the orientation of the photos and where the homes are facing in relation to the panel folding and left to right reading – on the front: drawing the eye to open the brochure to the inside panels; and on other panels, drawing the eye away from the fold towards the middle of the spread.

The 6-panel folded brochure reads progressively from left to right and aims to show off the beautiful photos when spread open. The photos are arranged in a hierarchical massing – largest photos anchor the upper left and span the panel folds, while smaller photos reliably honour the underlying page grid and margins. Font choice and type styling is modern and unobtrusive, readable, appropriate and does not compete with the logotype or the images. Body text, heading, image caption, quote size, are set in a readable size and sensible relationship and use only one font family.

Gower Design Group brochure inside spread
Graphic elements from the website were placed in a footer bar spanning the bottom of the inside spread, and bleeding three sides to anchor the spread.

Attention to Detail

The green leaf elements create a brand connection to the business website. The drop shadow under the leaves gives a layer dimension to the brochure and a subtle link from one side to the other – both closing off the lower right corner and reintroducing the back panel text on the other side – rather like writing, ‘continued. . . ‘.

Photoshop retouching removed small distracting elements, such as foliage and clouds, making an even-toned sky background for text blocks on top and adding soft-edge gradient vignettes to allow easier reading – paying attention to what happens at the edges and visual ‘pinch points’; and aiming for a pleasing composition.

The quality of the photography really determines the success of this brochure. In this case, the unifying aim was to keep the design out of  the way and to show off the photographs. The photos have an evocative warm feeling of home – taken at that time of evening when the inside lights first go on.