BC Marine Life Cycle Diagram

WWF BC Marine Life Cycle Diagram
World Wildlife Fund fold-out brochure diagram shows the interrelations between the life cycles of marine organisms.
Design Considerations

Multiple, web-of-life cycles, interactions and scales are shown in a colourful illustrated diagram. The illustrated elements are positioned on a solid background to allow easier reading of the adjacent text explanations.

The reverse side of the poster is a four-panel fold out brochure with 2-page spread and self-cover. In addition to illustrating and labelling the life cycle diagram, Watershed Moment principal designer, Soren Henrich, produced the layout from an existing design template, using supplied text and images.

‘All kinds of plants, animals, fish, birds and other creature make up this region. This biodiversity gives us food and medicine, shapes our climate, helps to control pollution, and much, much more – and it’s just as essential for other species as well.

In other parts of the world, habitat destruction, pollution and over-consumption have damaged nature’s delicate networks. In contrast, BC’s coast is still relatively untouched by development.

By making the right choices today, we can set a global example. We can conserve the thousands of species, habitats and ecosystems in this region – and enjoy all the benefits they give us.

The pressures are increasing. We have a rare opportunity to make sure the ecosystems around us continue to function and thrive. We also have a global responsibility. The time is now.’

– WWF – BC Marine Life brochure excerpt

Download the full brochure from the World Wildlife fund.

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